ECM Ingeniería Ambiental is a Technology-Based Company (TBC) of the University of Valladolid. The University of Valladolid Scientific Park is one of its co-founders. ECM was born in 2009 because of the initiative of their funders partners, who shared their experience, expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and excitement to get innovation.

ECM team is composed of people with the highest level of scientific and technical knowledge about environment and forestry. ECM team works with the priority of improving society, by means of developing innovative and sustainable products and services through technical knowledge and scientific applied research. ECM's team loves to create team-work to value people possibilities and take the most of everyone.

ECM is focused on the management and research of mycological resources, from forest to home. In addition, ECM team has signed more than 130 projects related to environmental engineering sector during its lifetime. As a result of our commitment to research, development and innovation, ECM is an innovative SME which participate in several H2020 European Projects

ECM team members are co-authors of several publications at national and international level. They have also organized different courses and training workshops. Some of the ECM team members were University of Valladolid's associated teachers in the Economic and Silvicultural department. Some of them are members of the IUFOR institute (Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute), which is a unit of research and development of mixed character between CIFOR-INIA and the School of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Valladolid.

Up to 2014, ECM has turned around in its role. ECM has challenged its trajectory with the creation of a renovated, technological, versatile and rewarding team. This fact has allowed us to be one of the most advanced referees in the forestry sector.

Ph.D. student. Forestry engineer. ECM Director
She is the person who is always behind each project. In addition, she calls the shoots. She is the director of the different projects and activities. She has a great experience in mycology, rural development, cooperation, and entrepreneurship. She has her feet on the ground and has a strong character. She is determined as well. She tries to think in the different constraints in order to everything goes well. She is a hard worker, perfectionist, and defender of the recognition of a team above individualism. Personally, she loves to dance, the mountains and the sea, but above all, she likes to spend time with her friends.
Doctor. R+D+i director. ECM Co-founder
He is the coach of the team. He always creates a huge amount of ideas. His enthusiasm for research the relation between fungi and forests is infinite. He is always thinking about new incentives and projects. He is a hard-worker with a continuous positivism, with which achieves small and big objectives that he proposes. He believes in what he does and fights for it strongly. He gets into all the "mycological and technological scrubs" without knowing how to say no. Personally, he is a good and innovative cooker. He practices different sports, such as mushing.
Forestry engineer, truffle manager, and ECM partner
He is our forestry eye. He is our GPS systems specialist. His great fitness, his rigorously in the data collection and his commitment to the company, make him simply essential. He is the responsible for the field work and is part of the management team of truffles and forestry planning. He is very demanding himself, and he does not normally stop until the end. Personally, he is passionate about birds and bugs. He likes to ride a bicycle a lot. His great strength is to hug and to care his friends.
Doctor. R+D+i technical
She is "the doctor", with a rigorous scientific role in the company. She has a great experience in forest research, with more than 10 SCI publications. She tries to get the maximum rigor in the different technical works. She is specialized in modeling the growth of forest species, carbon sequestration, dead wood quantification and silvicultural strategies to climate change. She tries to apply the ethics in all her behaviors and she is strong responsibility with the work. Personally, she has a small and funny child. She is a feminist and belongs to Palencia's women's rights platform, where she draws energy to work for a more just and equal world.
Forestry engineer/VIALAB co-founder and ECM partner
He joined the team in 2015 to fulfill his wishes: "love what you do and do what you love most: collaborate, share, add, teach and learn." He has been working in forestry for the last 20 years, with a huge experience in environmental consulting and forestry planning. He defines himself as "I know hardly much of little, but little of much". He brings peace and relax, with a big a smile to face any kind of problem. Personally, his best moment consists of drinking a beer with potatoes. He has a small child and he is president of ASCOMA.
PhD Candidate in Forestry based on Data Science / Forestry Engineer
He loves to play with data, trying to obtain the best of them. He is the Data Science man. He has a great experience in the design and development of computer applications in the agroforestry field. He defines himself as an open-minded, tenacious, curious and friendly guy. He has recently joined the team to provide and develop new ideas and solutions in Data management, modeling, visualization, and communication. In his spare time, you can find him in a tennis court, listening to music or traveling, always surrounded by good people.
Forestry engineer/Photographer/Planfor
He is our versatile engineer. He has a lot of interest for being always learning. He is a great professional with a more than 15 years trajectory in forest management and he is a specialist in PLANFOR programme, GIS, SEO positioning and Websites creation and development. He loves to travel, photography (his artistic name is "MONRE") and technological research. He is from Extremadura region, from a village called Zafra, where people have a funny accent and everything is told with a big smile.
Dr. Forestry engineer, professor in University of Valladolid and Director of the Mycology Research Unit.
He is a professor of botany and mycology of the University of Valladolid since 1990. He has a great scientific and informative trajectory, with numerous scientific papers and 14 books about fungi, trees, and forests. He has been researching about mushrooms for the last 35 years. He has been a pioneer in applied mycology in Spain. He is our "mycological father" and our inspiration in many projects. He believed in the ECM team possibilities and he helped us to set out on.
Dr. Forestry engineer, professor of University of Valladolid and president of the Spanish Society of Forest Sciences.
Felipe Bravo has a recognized experience in forestry and training. He has published more than 50 SCI articles and books, and he has participated in more than 20 research projects at national and international level. He is focused on modeling growth tree species and forest management for adaptation and mitigation to climate change. With his inquisitiveness to get new challenges and milestones, he has mobilized the Spanish forestry sector and he has connected University and enterprises.
Lawyer/ Articulo1 Consultores co-fundator
He is our legal, who has supported us and has encouraged to do the things better every day, from the point of view of Enterprise managerial. He has more than 16 years of experience in the Management and the fiscal and societary advisement for business. He is always available to get out a difficult situation and/or to drink a beer. He looks like serious but he is elegant with a funny sense of humor that characterizes him. He loves motorcycles, photography, the sea and spending the maximum time with his children.
PhD in BIochemistry and Molecular Biology (UCD)
Scientist reinvented as proposal coordinator and project manager of European grants. Her mission: dignify science (with adequate funding for researchers) and create industry-academia synergies. She is passionate about ECM's adventure of exploring new pharmaceutical applications of wild mushrooms and enhances our participation in European projects. She loves sharing time with other people, and to a desert island she would bring cats, books and coffee.
Some prizes have been obtained from ECM to recognize its professional trajectory:
YEAR 2010 Prize of Excellence about Innovation for Rural Women (I Edition) promoted by the Spanish Minister of Environment.
YEAR 2011 Prize to the best company created in Palencia awarded by the Cámara Oficial e Industria de Palencia. Palencia province Entrepreneurs' Special Prize in the XXXIX edition of the Awards of the Cámara de Comercio of the Palencia.
YEAR 2012 2nd Prize to "Innovative projects and companies in the rural environment" of the province of Palencia, awarded by the Palencia Provincial Council.
Associations and Institutions
These are some of the associations and institutions with which we work, leading and innovative groups, capable of giving you new solutions:
Spanish society of forest sciences
Grouping of companies for Sustainability.
Association of Environmental Consultants of Castilla y León
Non-governmental organization "No te Olvidare", Ethiopia (Mountain Guides School).
Science Park of the University of Valladolid
University Institute of Forest Research. University of Valladolid
Cáthedra of Mycology of Palencia
National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
University of Salamanca
University of Burgos
Our Partners
With only 7 years of business experience has been able to participate and be part of new companies and leading and innovative collectives, with awards recognized at national level.
Biotechnology laboratory specializing in fungi
Biofactory dedicated to the production of nutraceuticals and healthy ingredients derived from fungi and plants.
Quality truffle online marketing store
Trufas caleruega
Marketing company of truffles from its own plantation and harvest.
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